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Maintenance of exterior surfaces also largely contributes to the preservation of our buildings.

Naturally, as in case of several building cleaning areas, the process of wear-and-tear can be delayed with prevention in this case as well.

Harmful factors that damage the surface:

  • polluted air
  • precipitation
  • sunlight
  • heat and water insulation layers

Why is it worth having facade cleaning done by our company?

  • every surface becomes accessible with alpine technique solutions
  • we take care of the preservation of the surface
  • making windows and doors drip-free
  • cleaning of drains

We perform the following works:

  • washing
  • polishing
  • impregnation
  • window cleaning
  • drain cleaning
  • cleaning of blinds
  • other facade surface cleaning as requested

With what frequency is it expedient to use our facade cleaning service?

  • occasionally
  • with a contractual frequency (under more favorable terms)

Why is it worth choosing us for facade cleaning?

  • qualified alpinist team
  • professional experience
  • discounted prices, combined services
  • national coverage
  • professionally demanding cleaning team