1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 167-169. Phone: +36 1 414 0741

napi takaritasOur company currently provides cleaning services in the following areas in the whole territory of the country:

  • shopping centers
  • category “A” office buildings
  • public institutes
  • medical centers
  • plants and factories
  • event centers
  • entertainment centers

We only work with our own machines in our areas, which are subject to regular electric shock protection control.

Our machine fleet consists of the following devices:

  • industrial vacuum cleaners
  • one-disc scrubbers
  • automatic scrubbers
  • snow removers: tractors and quads
  • road spreading machines
  • sweeping machine with separately mountable elements
  • escalator cleaning equipment
  • high-pressure cleaning machine
  • water pumping equipment
  • chewing gum removal machine with gumfree environment-friendly technology

Our employees are selected in a multistep process, as a result of which we try to choose the most suitable workforce for a given area. Since our clients require it in many cases, we request a certificate of clean criminal record from each employee in advance and we ask for references from their previous employers.

We constantly control our employees even after their training to ensure that they always pursue their activities at the same standard to our clients.

In our contracts, already upon the request for an offer, we do not only outline the daily service, but we also provide accurate information about weekly, monthly and quarterly extensive cleanings.

Our company has third party liability insurance in the value of HUF 600 million which ensures safety for our clients.

We have an ISO 9001: 2008 standard certificate.

We have won qualification “A", which is only achieved by companies that are present in the market, in business life as the most reliable partners.

With consideration to cleaning agents, hygienic materials and chemicals we take environment consciousness into account, so we select products to the fields based on this. Upon request of our clients, we deliver these cleaning agents to them at discounted prices.

Supplementary services:

  • cleaning of machinery and scaffolding
  • cleaning of blinds
  • cleaning of windows, doors and frames
  • cleaning of heating and cooling systems
  • cleaning at any height
  • carpet cleaning with various techniques
  • chewing gum removal
  • escalator machine cleaning
  • alpine cleaning
  • rodent and pest-control
  • providing hygienic products

Based on our slogan: “It is good to be good!” It is clear to us that we can provide even higher-standard services to our clients with supplementary services.

Our twenty years of corporate history has enriched our services with experience that has made us unique in the Hungarian market.

Returning customers and long term cooperation are important to us, so we also pay particular attention to make our employees satisfied, whereby we achieve that we can align a permanent team that is demanding regarding itself and its environment at your disposal.

Our clients’ opinion about our services:

"Their cleaning service represents excellent value-for-money in the market"

"They perform their tasks with the owner’s perspective"

"We always get more than from other service providers"