1152 Budapest, Szentmihályi út 167-169. Phone: +36 1 414 0741

Our company was founded in the spring of 1996. We started as a family business, and as a result of our persistent work, development and the consideration of current trends we have managed to improve our innovative cleaning services to such a standard that our clients recommended us to other companies, so now we pursue cleaning works in the whole area of Hungary.

An additional reason for this is the reliability of our company. Although our headcount is continuously increasing, we always pay particular attention to maintaining a family atmosphere, and at the same time strict work moral.

We constantly monitor state-of-the-art technologies in the market and, in compliance with today’s requirements, we primarily combine them with an environment-conscious view.

We do not only have an operable relationship with our clients, but we can look back on several years of cooperation with our suppliers, too.

We also have an ISO 9001: 2008 standard certificate.

Horvat Service Kft ISO 9001 cert ENG

We only get new clients by means of recommendation, which also supports our employees’ precise attitude towards the fulfillment of tasks in the work fields.

Owing to this effective development this year we have won classification “A”, which is a rather high acknowledgement for financially stable, reliable companies operating in Hungary.

Opten Minosites 20150916


We have recently been awarded the Disability-friendly workplace qualification, as our firm has been employing workers for a long time who for some reason, would not be able to perform full-value work at other employers. We take special pride in this, since we, as a company engaged with building cleaning, are the only one in Hungary to achieve this.

fogyatekossag barat elismeres


Please let us point out a few of our developments that are unique in Hungary:

  • we have our own machine fleet, so we do not have to wait for rental times, we can immediately set an appointment upon an order
  • we are the only one in possession of a gumfree machine in Hungary
  • we can provide Facility Management as a complex services, whereby we cover all cleaning areas and provide maintenance as well as security services under one contract, within the frame of a comprehensive service.

Why is it worth choosing us?

  • full-scale cleaning works based on both daily and occasional orders
  • we can create total cleanness with our supplementary services, including but not exclusively: chewing gum removal, alpine technique, machine carpet cleaning, machine escalator cleaning, facility management, landscaping, snow cleaning, providing hygienic products.
  • We are looking forward to your inquiry, so that we can start working at your company based on a customized offer. 

Additional information about our company:

  • we are at our clients’ disposal nationwide
  • we operate with a headcount of nearly 170 people
  • we have quality assurance of HUF 600 million

Our services:

  • daily and supplementary cleaning in every area and on all surfaces
  • building operation, facility management
  • provision of hygienic products
  • escalator cleaning
  • de-icing
  • chewing gum removal with gumfree technology
  • window cleaning with alpine technique
  • machine carpet cleaning
  • façade cleaning
  • security service
  • rodent and pest-control
  • landscaping, implementation