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Our company puts a strong emphasis on performing a free charity extensive cleaning for those in need in a selected public institute in several large cities every year.

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Currently there are areas in Budapest, Pécs and Szeged that we visit once a year and perform the works by providing a total service.

These institutes are mainly areas where people living with a disability are treated, but there is a kindergarten too, where our charity initiative is welcomed.

When we hear news of areas to be supported within the frame of a sports event, our team contributes to its successful arrangement with a large headcount and the payment of registration fees and we actively participate in the sports event.

Horvát Service is an outstanding sponsor of Csemete Alapítvány.

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A few thoughts from Andrea Snow, the founder, whose commitment is indicated by her two already published books as well:

The Foundation would like to bring color, joy and laughter into the lives of young children and to provide an active life and exciting experiences for them. In other words, we would like to turn the institutions into places similar to loving family homes and to bring the little everyday joys to their small residents that are taken for granted by others.

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In addition to the objective of making the lives of young children with serious disabilities living in homes better and helping their integration into society, the other goal of the Foundation is to promote and launch charity sport – running – triathlon as a fund raiser model in Hungary.

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The Foundation’s initiative, Team Heart is a fund raiser model that has achieved serious progress in the promotion of charity running as a form of fund raising, and provides guidance for runners and triathletes in a user-friendly way regarding how they can directly support the selected cause with their run kilometers. The goal is to turn it into a tool implementing fund raising for a good cause and to allow them to show everyone how great it feels to provide for others while doing sport.